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California Golf Club • South San Francisco, CA I Elite Series

Jesse chose the music.
3 Cameras for the Ceremony + Crane
3 Cameras for the Reception + Crane
12 hour were spent with the couple

Music Licensed through The Music and Song

This is our Full Feature Highlights option. We use two songs instead of one to tell a much more in depth story of how the couple’s wedding day unfolds.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Liz and Winston until their wedding day. But after I read the little note she wrote in our “Everything we need to know about your wedding questionnaire” I knew they would be a couple I would love to work with.

Liz wrote: “Jesse, let’s just say that I have teared up watching so many of your videos. You truly have a gift and I am so thankful that you are going to be our videographer for the day. Thank you for putting all of this effort in on the front end to ensure our day is captured just right! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these other videos and I am so confident in your work and already look forward to seeing what you put together for us.”

I have to thank  Liz and Winston for being such troopers to get the shots we needed. Liz taking off her shoes for a jog with us and Winston for letting us get the final crane shot.

Challenges: Hi winds and 747s flying over during the ceremony.

Favorite Shots: Liz running in the grass and the last shot of Liz and Winston using our crane. Beautiful!

Photo courtesy of Amber Silvia

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