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Cathedral Beach • Yosemite, CA I Elite Series

1 Camera for the Ceremony
1 Camera for the Reception
3 days were spent with the couple.

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When my good friend Libby asked me to shoot her wedding I was honored. Knowing my commitment to film projects and being a good friend for over 10 years she was excited about the prospect of having her wedding day documented like a cinematic event. Libby met Freddie on and it was love at first sight. Freddie sent a text to his friend while on his first date and told him, “I’m going to marry this girl!”

One year later he did.

The joke going around on their wedding day was that Libby only got married so that I would film her wedding. Libby has been a huge fan of my work since I started and was pumped that I would provide video coverage. When she called me on a Monday morning to ask me to film her
wedding I said, “Of course!!” But then she asked if I would be interested in doing both the video and photography. I paused. First off, I have never have done photo for a wedding, nor have I done both video and photo before. But to help a friend out I took on the challenge.

Libby and Freddie got married at Cathedral Beach inside the park for a beautiful and organic marriage of the elements. I really enjoyed making this film, but boy was it stressful trying to concentrate on providing both still and moving images captures. I really enjoyed making this film in such a gorgeous setting!

Day 1: Engagement Shoot
Jesse (photographer, cinematographer, steadicam operator)
Randy (cinematographer, assistant)

Day 2 Wedding Day – Bridalveil Falls
Jesse (photographer, cinematographer, steadicam operator)
Randy (cinematographer, assistant)

Day 3 Hike
Randy (cinematographer)

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